Forgive and Forget – Very Inspiring

By Majed / Islamic Manners, Videos / 3

Do you have a broken heart? Did someone ever hurt you or wrong you? Are you willing to forgive others? What is the value of this world? Do you know the massive reward behind forgiving others? Why do people don’t forgive others? Are there any motivating stories of people who forgive? All these questions and more will be addressed in shaa Allah.


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Jazakallah khair brother, thanks for that beautiful advice. shoaibnabezadeh


3 thoughts on “Forgive and Forget – Very Inspiring

  1. Written by Yasmine Ramzan on

    May Allah swt give us all the strength to carry good work in this life In order for us all to receive Jannah. Amen

  2. Written by Asma on

    An Amazing and very inspiring lecture. Alhmadulilah you have inspired me with all your videos ever since you came to UWE for the repentance talk. We hope to see you again in Bristol inshallah.

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